Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is America's Mountain.

There are four main ways to explore Pikes Peak and reach the summit:

1. Driving Your Car

Experience the mountain up close by ascending the scenic Pikes Peak Highway, a spectacular toll road that winds its way up the mountain.

Because of the lower volume at the beginning and end of the day, officials are now going to allow people who arrive before 8:30 a.m. or after 4 p.m. to drive all the way to the top. If you arrive between 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., drivers will still only be permitted to take the highway to parking lots at the 7-mile and 16-mile road markers. A new temporary and complimentary shuttle service to the summit of Pikes Peak will transport visitors from one of two parking lots along the highway to the top of the mountain. The shuttle is being implemented May 31-Sept. 15 due to an anticipated record-setting number of visitors combined with limited parking capacity in the summit lot, due to the construction of the new Pikes Peak Summit Complex. Visitors will still drive their own vehicle as high as the 16-mile lot, also known as “Devil’s Playground,” which sits at an elevation of 12,790 feet above sea level. The shuttle ride from the 16-mile lot is approximately 15 minutes. Highway visitors who don’t plan to reach the summit by car – like fisherman, hikers and cyclists – can utilize the highway as normal. Purchasing online in advance is highly recommended and normal, seasonal highway toll rates apply. Although everyone is welcome to utilize the shuttle service, comprised of 15-passenger vans, not everyone driving to the summit will be required to take the shuttle, including vehicles carrying persons with mobility disabilities or children in car seats. Motorcycles in groups of less than 10 and pre-approved busses and tours can also expect a parking spot on the summit. The shuttles are unable to accommodate pets and bicycles.  For additional information, visit www.pikespeakcolorado.com

2. Private or Group Shuttle Service

There are several tour companies that can whisk you to the summit of Pikes Peak in a shuttle bus or Jeep. 

3. Cycling

For the truly adventurous, cycling up Pikes Peak provides one of the most intense challenges in the world. There are also companies that will drive you to the top and provide a guided bike tour down the highway.

4. Hiking

There are several hiking options for exploring Pikes Peak. Barr Trail is the most popular way to reach the summit of the mountain.

No matter which activity you choose, your time on Pikes Peak - America's Mountain is sure to be memorable. 

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