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Did you know that Colorado Springs averages 300 days of blue skies each year? Or that our close proximity to the mountains and high elevation classify us as an "alpine desert?" These unique qualities give us abundant sunshine, cool evenings and low humidity, which create a pleasant climate year-round. The best way to enjoy the destination is to come prepared with insider tips and tricks. Check out our Top 10 Travel Tips below and enjoy the destination like a local.

Top 10 tips to know before you visit

1. Bring plenty of lip balm and lotion
Our humidity averages a pleasant 37%. For visitors coming from more humid climates, this can be a bit of a surprise for your skin. Keep your lips and skin happy by slathering on plenty of moisturizers and lip balm with SPF. Your skin will thank you for it!

2. Stock up on SPF
Speaking of SPF, you're going to want to stock up on sunscreen once you arrive. Our high elevation puts us a lot closer to the sun. Make sure to protect your skin from damage. Even our rare overcast days can leave you with a lobster-like complexion if you're not careful. Hats and sunglasses are also always a good idea while you're here.

3. Dress in layers
The temperature in Colorado Springs can keep you on your toes. During the day, the sunshine keeps everything nice and warm while our evenings bring in cool, crisp air. Heading to the top of Pikes Peak? Temperatures at the top of the mountain are usually 30-40 degrees cooler than at the base. Occasional afternoon showers can cool things down but don't worry, they don't last long and we'll warm back up as soon as the clouds part. Be sure to bring layers that you can easily throw on or peel off to stay nice and comfy.

4. Leave no trace
Here, we take great pride in our beautiful landscapes and see it as our honored duty to be good stewards of this land. Please treat this place like your home and leave no trace of your time here. Simple gestures like packing out your trash, using refillable water bottles and staying on designated trails can go a long way in preserving this beautiful place so that it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations to come. Learn more about Leave No Trace here.

5. Bring sturdy shoes or hiking sandals
Once you get here, you'll find yourself eager to get out and explore. Even the most stubborn of couch potatoes can't help but get pulled by the call of our great outdoors. Exploring the area is a heck of a lot easier with the proper footwear. Whether you're going on a strenuous hike through our pine forests or enjoying a leisurely stroll around the Broadmoor Lake, sturdy shoes are a must. 

6. Have your camera at the ready
It's no secret that we have breathtaking surroundings. From towering red rock formations to flowing waterfalls and deep caverns, Colorado Springs is a haven for photographers and insta-worthy shots. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may capture some photos of our local bighorn sheep, red-tailed fox and maybe even a bear. Snap some photos of yourself in our beautiful destination. You're going to want to remember this trip forever.

7. Keep wildlife wild
Colorado Springs is home to lots of cool critters ranging from tiny and adorable to big and intimidating. No matter how cute, friendly or exciting they might seem, remember that they are wild animals. Feeding or interacting with them can put you or the animal in extreme danger. Did you know that animals who get too accustomed to humans often have to be relocated or worse, euthanized? No social media post of you feeding or petting an animal is worth you or that animal getting hurt. Please admire and respect them from a safe distance. Trust us, they're more photogenic when they feel safe and happy.

8. Hydrate
While you're here, be sure to drink plenty of water. Then, drink some more. Our high altitude causes you to burn calories faster than lower elevations (score!) That means you lose water faster as well. The best way to avoid or combat altitude sickness is by staying hydrated. Grab a refillable water bottle and enjoy crisp, delicious spring water straight from our tap!

9. Prepare to get high in elevation
Colorado Springs rolling hills and mountain range sit 6,000 - 14,110 feet above sea level. For our lowland travelers, that can have some unwanted side effects that can turn your adventure into a real bummer. Check out our high-altitude effects and tips page to know how to acclimate and enjoy your time here without any unwanted interruptions.

10. Take it nice and slow
The best way to enjoy Colorado Springs is by taking your time and being fully present while you're here. Give your body time to adjust to the altitude by staying in lower elevation areas the first couple days and enjoying limited alcohol intake. Give your mind time to unwind by unplugging from the notifications and emails. Get outside and breathe deeply. Welcome to Colorado Springs. We think you're really going to like it here.

Christy Long

Director of Visitor Services

Christy started with VCOS in 2006, after working several years with the Durham, NC Chamber of Commerce. She manages the Visitor Information Center and oversees our nearly 40 amazing volunteers. She is responsible for distribution of the Official Visitor Guide to regional AAA offices and those who order the guide on and other websites. Her pet of choice is the bunny rabbit and she is skilled in a variety of crafts including cakes and elaborate greeting cards.

Doris McCraw

Information Specialist

Doris started with VCOS as a volunteer in 1993 and as a part-time employee in 1997. She keeps the Visitor Information Center (VIC) stocked with Partner brochures and staffs the VIC on summer weekends. Doris is an avid historian, published author and actress. Her favorite recurring roles are portraying local historical celebs Helen Hunt and Katharine Lee Bates.

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