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Autumn Colors in Colorado Springs

Find the best ways to experience fall in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region

Fall is a magical time in the Pikes Peak Region. Crisp, autumn air welcomes vibrantly colored leaves that put on a dazzling display and bring people from miles to witness. Every year, visitors and locals alike set out into the wilderness to experience the beauty and serenity that come with the changing aspen leaves. Let us guide you to enjoying fall to the fullest with our tips, tricks and insider scoop to all things autumn.

autumn hiking near Colorado Springs


- Stay comfy and warm no matter the time of day -
Buffalo plaid and light, comfy sweaters are all the rage for classic fall fashion. Plan for all kinds of Colorado weather by wearing lots of layers. With more than 300 days of sunshine, the temperature can get nice and toasty during the day, while cooling off as the sun continues to set.


- Tips for conquering the altitude and enjoying the colors at 6,035+ feet - 

  1. Stay hydrated. The air is drier, and your body will dehydrate much more quickly. The higher up you go the more water you should drink.
  2. Always travel with friends or family. If someone begins to experience severe coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath or chest pain, get him or her to a lower altitude as quickly as possible.
  3. Stand up straight and remember to deeply inhale and exhale to expel all of the CO2 from your lungs to make more space for that good ol’ oxygen.


- Tips to getting the perfect shot - 

  1. Make fall color the secondary subject. It’s tempting to just shoot the oranges and yellows of the glittering aspens, but photos with red-rock trails, rushing creeks, fuzzy friends and loved ones add complexity and depth to your photos.
  2. Be patient and wait for interesting or dramatic light. With the right light, fall colors are even more stunning. As the days get shorter, sunset comes earlier and earlier. Plan for that golden hour magic and capture your subject’s grinning face, alight with alpenglow. Plus, a few extra hours give you an excuse to make it an entire weekend to take in starry nights outside of your own, cozy cabin.
  3. Tell the story. Think about your photos as a collection, rather than a single photo. This will help you notice the details and come out with a number of photos that tell a story, rather than simply random pics.

Fall Color Forecast
Although we can't predict the weather, we can take an educated guess based on moisture and temperature. Check back frequently to get the most accurate predictor of when leaves will be at their peak color in the Pikes Peak Region. For more information and details on leaf changing trends, click here.

horsebackriding in aspen grove Colorado Springs


Fireside chats, cozy cabins and gorgeous views are just what you need to unplug and recharge this fall. Whether you prefer leisurely strolls with the tykes or heart-pumping treks summiting stunning vistas, there are plenty of ways to admire the golden hills and glittering aspens in the Pikes Peak Region.


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scenic fall drives Colorado Springs

Whether you prefer to cruise by car, off-road vehicle, Segway or Slingshot- there are many ways to enjoy scenic drives in the Rocky Mountains.


  1. Pikes Peak Highway – Take the trip up Pikes Peak Highway for cool mountain air and breathtaking views. Just wait until you get a chance to stand at the summit of Pikes Peak – America's Mountain and overlook the city.
  2. Highway 67 Through Cripple Creek – Seventy-one miles of winding roads travel through various sections of southern Colorado to the historic mining town of Cripple Creek. Once there, a visit is warranted to the Cripple Creek Heritage Center where the window views are spectacular. Head further down Highway 67 after leaving Cripple Creek and experience part of the Gold Belt Scenic Byway.
  3. Rampart Range – Grab a photo looking through the aspen-lined road of Rampart Range to Pikes Peak. This is an inspiring photo anytime, but at its height during the fall months of late September and early October, it’s unrivaled. Pull up and park at the nearby Stanley and Rampart reservoirs for a water-reflected image. 

Here are even more scenic drives in the Pikes Peak Region >>

Polaris Slingshot Roadster Colorado Springs
Polaris Slingshot Roadster from Great Outdoors Adventures


  1. Segway ToursAdventures Out West offers guided Segway tours through Garden of the Gods Park where you can cruise amongst the towering red rock formations while learning fascinating geological and historical facts about the park. Cheyenne Cañon Segways will take you into the densely-wooded North Cheyenne Cañon where you’ll be immersed in the ever-changing aspen groves.
  2. Bike Rides – Feel the wind in your hair as you bike down the mountain with Challenge Unlimited or Pikes Peak Bike Tours. Amp’d Adventures offers electric bike tours through Garden of the Gods Park while Great Outdoors Adventures offers Fatte-Bikes to peddle around Woodland Park. 
  3. Jeep Tour – You can only see so much from a paved road. Take your scenic drive on an off-road adventure with a Jeep tour from one of the many outfitters in the Colorado Springs region
  4. On a Slingshot – Cruise scenic highways in an open-air Polaris Slingshot® roadster. Feel the excitement of a motorcycle ride with the safety and comfort of a car as you navigate the winding pass of Woodland Park.
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