Rails-to-Trails Colorado - Visit Colorado Springs


The Pikes Peak region boasts four official rails-to-trails routes for travelers to enjoy.

It's no secret that Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region are home to countless trails and open spaces to explore. Rails-to-trails transforms unused rail corridors into vibrant and accessible trails for runners, hikers and cyclists to enjoy while giving America a brighter future through conservation. Whether you're a train enthusiast or simply looking for a unique outdoor experience, our rails-to-trails itinerary has the perfect adventure for you.

Credit: Royal Gorge Region
Arkansas River Walk

1. Arkansas River Walk

This seven-mile trail winds up and down the Arkansas River through Cañon City. The trail offers everything from lush foliage to native wetlands. Nature enthusiasts can spot various Colorado bird species including great blue herons, fowl, thrashers, magpies and ferruginous hawk. 


Credit: U.S. Air Force Academy Chapel
New Santa Fe Regional Trail. Credit: U.S. Air Force Academy Chapel

2. New Santa Fe Regional Trail

Wander this 20-mile trail that follows the abandoned Atkinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad tracks. Following a largely unpaved path that extends between Colorado Springs and Palmer Lake, this trail shows off picture-perfect views of grassy hillsides and Piñon Pine trees.


The Manitou Incline

3. Manitou Incline

Perhaps the most popular and challenging hiking trail in the Pikes Peak Region, the Manitou Incline has one of the largest increases of elevation around. The incline railway was originally created for reaching access to a hydroelectric plant, then later turned into an incline railway tourist attraction. After the train closed in the early 1990s the trail gained fame for its 2,788 steps that reach 2,000 feet of elevation in under a one-mile trek.

Rock Island Regional Trail

4. Rock Island Regional Trail

This 14.8-mile course runs parallel to Highway 24 between Colorado Springs and Peyton. Several landmarks can be viewed from the trail including Pikes Peak, Rampart Range and the Rattlesnake Buttes at Homestead Ranch Regional Park.