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"October Films is producing a new landmark medical documentary series around COSMETIC SURGERY, where we follow COUPLES who are engaging in a journey of change and self-discovery. As a documentary film company, we are keen to show the SCIENCE BEHIND THE PROCEDURES and explore the reasons why our couples want to go under the scalpel. Each episode will see our couples decide on cosmetic changes which will then be undertaken by a skilled cosmetic surgeon. As part of the show, the couple will be given access to the best surgeons, dentists, and stylists in the business and we will accompany each partner as they craft a bold new look. We are here to organise, liaise and coordinate the scenes and procedures, but the surgeon will have the final say whether to move forward with the couples’ surgical wishes. 
There will be a selection process, so we are asking for anyone interested to contact us – don’t worry, there’s no commitment at this early stage. We can assure you that we take our duty of care to our contributors very seriously and there will be many talks with the team here before any family or individual is asked to take part. We think it will be very challenging, but we are confident it will be a truly fascinating and unique experience for everyone involved."
October Films is looking for US men & women seeking transformations. 
Must be romantically linked couples aged 21-55 wanting to undergo physical cosmetic transformations together for a new makeover television series.