Staff Directory

Meet Our Team

Doug Price, IOM

President & CEO

Jason Cutshaw

Chief Financial Officer

Peggy Manter

Executive Assistant

April Perez

Junior Accountant

Kathy Reak, CFMP

Vice President of Sales

Cheryl McCullough, STS

Senior Director of Sports & Events

Dina Worthen

Senior Sales Manager

Sarah Price

Group Sales Manager

Holly Taylor

Group Servicing Manager

Claudia Dolak

Group Sales Coordinator

Amy Long

Chief Innovation Officer

Alexea Veneracion

Director of Communications

Sheridan Powell

Communications Coordinator

Melissa Williams

Director of Marketing

Jack Hebert

Marketing Coordinator

Kimberlie Griffis

Senior Director of Partnerships

Jennifer Williams

Partnership Relations Manager

Christy Long

Director of Visitor Services

Nadine Keaney

Visitor Services Representative

Doris McCraw

Information Specialist