Hybl Sports Medicine & Performance Center | Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sports Medicine & Performance Center

at University of Colorado Colorado Springs

The William J. Hybl Sports Medicine & Performance Center, located on the UCCS campus on Nevada Avenue, is a revolution in health and human performance. The state-of-the-art facility translates research into real-world solutions, promoting the concept of "Exercise as Medicine," helping patients with diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer. Three centers of distinction are also housed within the Hybl Center: the Center for Tactical and Occupational Performance, the Center for Active Individuals with Physical Disabilities and the Center for Human Health & Performance in Extreme Environments. These centers are the pinnacle of collaboration between UCCS and Centura, combining existing knowledge and research with real-world applications.

The Sports Medicine and Performance Center at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs has the ability to draw out-of-state patients to Colorado Springs for acute sport-related healthcare. The Center will treat 40,000 patients, of which 30% (12,000) are out-of-state. In addition, 14,400 net new out-of-state visitors will accompany patients as they seek the best in athletic healthcare. Because of the nature of the Sports Medicine and Performance Center, these patients and their families will stay longer than traditional visitors.

The UCCS Sports Medicine and Performance Center brings this concept to Colorado through a concentration of sports medicine, wellness clinics and experts conducting groundbreaking injury-recovery research. The facility is a key component to the UCCS Health and Wellness Village, which includes a handicapped-accessible track and field facility. The 104,000 sq.-ft. building is the first in the nation to integrate undergraduate and graduate academic programs with clinical practice and research in a sports medicine and performance environment. The state-of-the-art facility is designed to encourage “collision” between students, patients, clients, physicians and faculty. More than 1,200 exercise science, human anatomy, physiology, athletic training and nutrition students study at the center. Traveling for medical procedures is a fast-growing industry, and the center will be a focal point of the Colorado Springs sports ecosystem.

All renderings courtesy of RTA Architects and HOK

Ground Breaking: October 2018
Opening: August 2020
Venue Details:

  • 72,000 square feet
  • Sports medicine and human performance clinical, testing and counseling services
  • Instructional opportunities
  • Space for faculty and other experts to conduct groundbreaking research leading to new knowledge
  • a custom treadmill that can support bikes, wheelchairs, and multiple people
  • a 450-square-foot altitude room with more (standard) treadmills and bikes
  • a 350-square-foot environmental chamber
  • a 4,500-square-foot outdoor turf field
  • a 60-meter track
  • classroom, lecture and clinical space

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Hybl Center Photo Gallery
Hybl Center Photo Gallery