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5 Tips to Take an Instagram-Worthy Photo

While Colorado’s stunning scenery does most of the jaw-dropping work for you, here are some tips from a few of our favorite photographers to give your photos that extra oomph.

Tip #1 – Get Out and Shoot, Every Day

The more you shoot, the more you develop as a photographer. Shooting often allows a photographer’s skillset to deepen in every aspect. Practice makes perfect! – Zachary Jolly

Tip #2 – Lighting, Lighting, Lighting 

Shooting when the light is soft (early morning and close to sunset work best) makes it easier to produce visually appealing photos. A warm glow of a sunrise or sunset is hard to beat. – Charles Gage

Tip #3 – Wander Around 

Don’t be afraid to wander around and take in the sites and shoot whatever catches your eye. A great photo doesn’t always have to be planned to be perfect. – Jason Gallagher

Tip #4 – Look for Different Angles

Look for different angles, things you haven’t seen before. Get off the beaten path and find that new, never seen, shot. – Charles Gage

Tip #5 – Don’t be Afraid to Use Apps

When you didn’t quite get that perfect lighting or imagery you were thinking of there are apps that can help you achieve that Insta-worthy photo. One is called the Photographers Ephemeris (available both on desktop and mobile) another is an IOS app called Magic Hour. – Jason Gallagher