Bike Routes in Colorado Springs | Top 11 Bike Trails

Top 11 Bike Routes

Looking for great bike routes in Colorado Springs? We’ve compiled a list the top trails that are sure to give you the best adventure you can find on two wheels.

1. Bear Creek Canyon Loop - Advanced: 8 miles

Get in a great workout that takes you on an exciting descent through the forest. This trail climbs close to 2,200 feet within the first 5 miles. Be prepared for stream crossings and a nice deep burn as you conquer this advanced trail.

2. Black Forest Section 16 Trail - Beginner: 4 miles

Take a nice, gentle four-mile loop through the trees. Enjoy plenty of shade and incredible scenery. There are no huge climbs or descents in this trail; only a pleasant, rolling ride. Keep your eyes peeled for horses, runners and dogs as there are plenty that frequent the trail.

3. Cheyenne Mountain State Park - Intermediate: 20 miles

The 20 miles of trails at Cheyenne Mountain State Park allow you to choose your own adventure. It has a great mix of difficulty, technicality and climbing for all abilities. There are multiple trails that can be linked together offering rides that range from 2 to 20 miles. $7 for parking.

4. Garden of the Gods: Ute Trail - Beginner: 5 miles

Looking for bike routes in Colorado Springs to get you acclimated to the elevation? This trail is great for a leisurely ride through breathtaking scenery. Let your senses absorb the beautiful, red spires of natural rock formations as you explore the nations #1 park (as voted by TripAdvisor® users). It’s a fantastic ride for beginners or out-of-town guests.

5. North Catamount Reservoir - Intermediate: 10 miles

This scenic bike route in Colorado Springs is revered for its great beauty. Although there are no features to designate it as an advanced trail, the rolling hills are sure to get your heart pumping and lungs working overtime. Nothing beats the view of Pikes Peak as you make your way around the reservoir.

6. Pikes Peak- America’s Mountain - Intermediate to Advanced: 20 miles

Riding Down: Take the ultimate bike route in Colorado Springs, down Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain. There are two ways to get to the top of Pikes Peak before your exhilarating ride down. Two local adventure tour companies - Adventures Out West and Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours will take you by van to the summit and provide a guided tour down the Pikes Peak Highway. Keep an eye out for eagles, deer, elk, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and marmots.

Riding Up & Down: Pikes Peak - America's Mountain is now open to cyclists that wish to ride up and down Pikes Peak Highway on their own. Hours and rates can be found here.

7. Palmer Park Loop - Intermediate: 12 miles.

This bike route is the perfect in-town ride. It has excellent views of Pikes Peak and downtown Colorado Springs with views so stunning, you’ll forget you’re in the middle of the city. Although the trail is not too technical, it does have enough drops and climbs to keep you on your toes. Each trail within the park is marked by the level of difficulty so there aren’t any surprises.

8. Pancake Rocks - Advanced: 6 miles

They didn’t give this trail an advanced rating for nothing. If you’re looking for a truly challenging trail, you’ve found it! The grade of the trail and switchbacks make it a gut-busting ride that is guaranteed to get you sweating. Most riders walk their bikes a full mile to the trail. However, the view at the top and fast ride down make it all worth it. This is definitely one of the most challenging bike routes in Colorado Springs.

9. Rampart Reservoir - Intermediate: 14 miles

This trail is an excellent excursion for riders of almost all skill levels. The scenery is spectacular, the trail is fast, yet technical and the length is just right. There are plenty of photo opportunities on this trail so don’t be afraid to take your time and enjoy the beauty.

10. Seven Bridges - Advanced: 5 miles

This trail is best by both foot and pedals depending on the section. It’s populated by masses of roots, stream crossings, rocks and small drops aplenty. This trail is not for beginners or riders without the proper bike. It’s a guaranteed challenge for anyone looking for an adventure and rates near the top of the list for being one of the toughest bike routes in Colorado Springs.

11. Ute Valley Park - Intermediate: 8 miles

Ute Valley Park has a great combination of fast trails and technical sections. Go off the main trails and hit some smaller ones and you can find some good technical riding. There are some great fast, downhill sections with easy obstacles for building confidence. This bike route is perfect for developing skills and fitness.

Colorado Springs boasts a Silver Status as a "Bicycle Friendly Community". Click here to learn more.

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