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Colorado Haunted Places Near Colorado Springs

If you’re looking for a paranormal experience and haunted places near Colorado Springs, there are plenty of ghoulish stops within the city as well as nearby Manitou Springs, Cripple Creek and Canon City. These sites offer eerie beyond-the-grave energy. With a history of tuberculosis, to the scoundrels and debauchery of the Pikes Peak or Bust Gold Rush residents, spirits are lurking around many corners. There’s no lack of opportunity to bump into something, or someone, that’s not of this world with a few of these haunted places in Colorado.

Colorado Springs - A city with a great history, also comes with a deep past. Unsettling tunnels and Native American lore lend themselves to some unsettling spots around the town. 

Manitou Springs - This charming mountain town just west of Colorado Springs was a mecca for Native American worship as well as pagan ritual back in the 70's. Founded on health and wellness after a national bout of tuberculosis, there are many spirits of the people who fell victim to the disease while living or being treated here.

Cripple Creek and Victor - This now American ghost town was the site of the Pikes Peak or Bust gold rush. Settlers sold everything they owned and made the trip to this small town seeking their fortunes. Some struck it rich while other's weren't so lucky.The eery feeling in the old jail and frequent sitings in old hotels help tell the tale.

Cañon City - Also a result of the Pikes Peak or Bust gold rush, this small town just south of Colorado Springs is home to multiple prisons, as well as the Museum of Colorado Prisons. The spooky spot has a jaded past as does the unmarked cemetery nearby.


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