Information on Moving to Colorado Springs

Moving to Colorado Springs

Is a Colorado Springs relocation in your future? We have all the resources you need.

We've pulled together links to connect you with the county, city, home builders, Realtors, school districts, safety information, parks and more. There are two excellent relocation guides to assist with all your research and decisions. 

Colorado Springs Relocation Guide 

Relocate 2 Colorado Springs 

What is there to do in Colorado Springs?

What County is Colorado Springs in?

El Paso County

How do I connect with the City?

Where can I get information on surrounding communities?

What is the closest airport?

Colorado Springs Airport

Where can I get Colorado Springs bus schedules and information?

City Transit

What is the cost of living?

What K-12 School Districts are in the area?

What Higher Education institutions are in the area?

What parks and trails are in the area?

Where can I get information on history, art & culture in the region?

What are the area newspapers?

What is the weather like?

How can I get information on existing homes and get in touch with a REALTOR?

How can I get in touch with a home builder?

Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs

Where can I get safety information?

How do I get my Colorado drivers license?

Colorado Department of Revenue

How do I get a license for my pet?

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

What job openings are in Colorado Springs?

How do I start a business in Colorado?

What awards and recognitions does Colorado Springs have?

Colorado Springs consistently ranks at the top of a variety of national and international lists.

  • No 1 - US News & World Report "Most Desirable City"
  • No. 1 - Money, "Big Cities to Live In"
  • No. 1 - Outside Magazine, "Best Town"
  • No. 1 - Forbes, "America's Most Pet-Friendly City"
  • No. 1 - Men's Health, "Best Cities for Dogs"
  • No. 2 - Men's Fitness, "Fittest City in America"
  • No. 2 - Women's Health, "The Best Places to Live for Women"
  • No. 2 – Livability, “Cities for Veterans”
  • No. 2 –, “Safest City in the United States”
  • No. 3 – Hellawella, “Fitness-Focused Cities”
  • No. 3 - Men's Fitness, "Top Sports Town"
  • No. 3 - Earth Day Network, “Best Places to Live”
  • No. 3 - Car and Driver, "Top 10 Best Drivers' Cities"
  • No. 3 - FedSmith, "Best Southwest City for Defense Jobs"
  • No. 5 - Kiplinger's Personal Finance, "Best Cities to Live, Work and Play"
  • No. 5 – Kiplinger, “Great City for Young Adults”
  • No. 5 - MSNBC, "Best Cities to Live, Work and Play"
  • No. 6 - Forbes, "America's Most Wired Cities"
  • No. 7 – American Lung Association, “ Cleanest U.S. Cities”
  • No. 7 - Backpacker Magazine, "Best Places to Raise an Outdoor Kid"
  • No. 8 - Business Week, "Best Places to Start Over"
  • No. 8 – Sunset Magazine, “Fittest City in the West”
  • No. 9 - Forbes, "America's Best Bang-for-the-Buck Cities"
  • No. 10 - Forbes, "Best Places for Business and Careers"
  • Top 10 – Fox News, “Least Obese Metro Areas”
  • Top 10 - Kiplinger, "Great Cities for College Grads"
  • Top 10 - U.S. News and World Report, "Green Places to Retire"
  • No. 10 - GALLUP - 2012 Least Obese Metro Area
  • No. 11 - ERC & Primacy Relocation, "Best Places to Relocate"
  • No. 11 - The Boyd Company, "Best Places to Build a Data Center"
  • No. 13 - The Advocate "Gayest City"
  • No. 12 - Cooking Light Magazine, "America's Healthiest Cities"
  • No. 14 -, "Safest Cities in America for 2010"
  • No. 15 - Portfolio Magazine, "America's Top 25 Smartest Cities"
  • No. 15 –, “Best City for Families”
  • No. 17 – Farmer Insurance Group, “Most Secure Places to Live”
  • No. 17 - RelocateAmerica, "Top 100 Places to Live"
  • Top 25 - American Style, "Mid-Sized U.S. City Art Destination"
  • CNN Money's - 10 Best Places to Retire 2013

What Relocation Guides are Available?