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Cycling Pikes Peak Highway

The ultimate cycling challenge to 14,115'

If you are looking for a challenge, then cycling up and down the Pikes Peak Highway is perfect for you. The route is fully paved and incredibly intense, ascending more than 4,800 vertical feet with more than 150 turns leading to the 14,115-foot summit.

Pikes Peak - America's Mountain, in cooperation with the United States Forest Service, has opened the Pikes Peak Highway to unescorted bicyclists year-round as of January 1, 2013. Because of the extreme nature of the mountain, children under the age of 18 must be escorted by a parent or legal guardian. Pikes Peak cyclists need to be aware that there will be vehicular traffic and construction on the Highway and should be prepared for changing weather conditions.

Where to Park

There is no parking near the Gateway, so any cyclists planning to drive to the highway and then bike to the summit are encouraged to park at the Crystal Reservoir Visitors Center parking lot or above. All cyclists must follow all safety and traffic rules, use regulations and hours of operation. Participants are required to pay the regular admission fee or use one of the Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain passes. North Slope fees and passes are not eligible for cycling Pikes Peak.

How Long is The Ride?

The ride from Crystal Reservoir Visitor Center (elevation 9,230 ft.) to the Summit (14,115 ft) gains 4,885 ft. in elevation, turns 154 times and is about 12.5 miles long one way. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to descend before it gets dark.

Quick Facts for Cycling Pikes Peak

Bike Safety Tips

  • Check the weather before you go. Be aware and prepared for a change in weather. Lightning on Pikes Peak is very dangerous. 
  • The average temperature decreases 3° F with every 1,000 ft. elevation increase. Even during the summer temperatures can be 30° F – 40° F at the top.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks. There is food and drinks available at the Summit House.
  • Visitors need to be sure they are accustomed to the altitude of Colorado Springs (6, 035 ft) before attempting to cycle Pikes Peak. Usually by the 3rd or 4th day you are in town you will be adjusted to the altitude. Find more high altitude tips.

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