Trivia - Colorado Springs Vacation & Tourism Information | Colorado Springs, Colorado


Test your knowledge of the area!

  1. Higher than a mile above sea level, what is the elevation of Colorado Springs?
  2. What was the territory of Colorado’s first capital?
  3. What was originally built as a cable car to carry materials to build pipelines?
  4. Which attraction requires a 224 stair climb to reach its hiking trails?
  5. Which famous event is a 12.42-mile course that begins at 9,390 ft and ends at 14,115 ft?
  6. Which world-class attraction is coming to Colorado Springs in 2019?
  7. What was Colorado Springs’ nickname in the late 1800’s?
  8. What is the name of the haunted hotel in Cripple Creek? (It could be argued there’s more than a few)
  9. What is the name of the century-old elementary school-turned-brewery in Colorado Springs?
  10. Who wrote “America the Beautiful” after a visit to the top of Pikes Peak?
  11. What are Downtown’s North-South streets named after?
  12. What are Downtown’s East-West streets named after?
  13. What street is named after the family of a former state senator?
  14. The Army’s Fort Carson was named after whom?

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