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From a mountain cattle ranch to a beloved family tradition.

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Friday, Aug 12
High: 88°   Low: 57°
Clear throughout the day.
Saturday, Aug 13
High: 89°   Low: 61°
Clear throughout the day.
Sunday, Aug 14
High: 88°   Low: 62°
Clear throughout the day.
Monday, Aug 15
High: 82°   Low: 61°
Rain starting in the afternoon.
Tuesday, Aug 16
High: 77°   Low: 58°
Possible light rain in the evening.
Wednesday, Aug 17
High: 75°   Low: 56°
Clear throughout the day.
Thursday, Aug 18
High: 77°   Low: 57°
Rain in the evening.
Friday, Aug 19
High: 77°   Low: 56°
Clear throughout the day.