Old Colorado City

Old Colorado City History

Founded in 1859, Old Colorado City was the first capital of the Territory of Colorado and the center of early…

Old Colorado City Events & Festivals

Find great local events during your visit to this historic district


From awesome brunch choices to authentic Italian, this adorable town has plenty of tasty restaurants to choose from. You can…

Tuesday, May 24
High: 54°   Low: 40°
Possible light rain until morning, starting again in the evening.
Wednesday, May 25
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Clear throughout the day.
Thursday, May 26
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Clear throughout the day.
Friday, May 27
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Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Saturday, May 28
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Overcast throughout the day.
Sunday, May 29
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Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Monday, May 30
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Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Tuesday, May 31
High: 87°   Low: 57°
Windy in the morning and afternoon.