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OVG Enhancements

Increase your visibility with a variety of affordable enhancement options

Online Video

Add a video that will be located on top of your ad in the online version of the guide. You provide a link to an existing video and we'll do the rest!
Tip: There is no limit to the length of the video, but best practice is to keep them short and powerful.


Coupons are a great way to get noticed and drive traffic to your door. Your customers will appreciate the extra savings! To qualify for a coupon, you must buy an advertisement in the guide.

Enhanced Listing

Regular Listing 1600 Pennsylvania Av. - Brief description goes
here. Maximum 75 char. 719.850.7423 // yourwebsite.com

Local's Tip

Local's Tip listings are eye catching and provide additional information to visitors so you're sure to be on their radar. This feature will measure approximately 3" wide x 1" high with the photo being one square inch.