Top Places to Spot Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep - Visit Colorado Springs

Top Places to Spot Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Colorado’s state mammal, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, can be viewed in its natural habitat in Colorado Springs.

Pikes Peak

Found only in the Rockies, these sheep are known for their impeccable climbing skills and massive curved horns. Although they are a treat to behold, getting the chance to see one in person is a rarity. Here are some of the best local spots for bighorn sheep sightings.

1. Garden of the Gods Park

The geological gem frequented by more than 2 million annual visitors is home to the most well-known bighorn herd in Colorado Springs. Often, trail walkers will see rams battling or ewes jumping some of the fences. The nearby Visitor & Nature Center celebrates the mammal each February with Bighorn Sheep Day. This fun event includes games, displays and presentations, as well as telescopes and nature walks to view the sheep in their own environment.

Rocky mountain bighorn sheep

2. Glen Eyrie Castle

If the herd isn't roaming Garden of the Gods, they will more than likely be found on the lawns of Glen Eyrie Castle next door. Stay overnight at the castle or spend a few hours touring and you may be lucky enough to spot some.

Glen Eyrie Castle

3. Pikes Peak

Drive the winding curves up Pikes Peak Highway and make a few friends along the way. From mountain goats to marmots, many animals call the mountain their home- including bighorn sheep.

Bighorn Sheep by the Arkansas River

4. Arkansas River

Bighorn Sheep Canyon, overlooking the Arkansas River, is the ideal place to grab a glimpse of these horned residents. The canyon is located on U.S Highway 50 between Canon City and Salida.

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