PikeRide Bike Share - Visit Colorado Springs

E-Bike Share

Explore the city on two (electric) wheels.

Whether you’re a daily commuter, street cyclist or just want to go for a cruise, PikeRide is a perfect way to spend your day in Colorado Springs. PikeRide is elevating our community with a fun, healthy, planet-friendly and cost-effective way to get around. The electric-assist bikes make it super easy to get up small inclines, keep up with traffic and get going again once you've made a stop. To see more details and current map of all hub locations, simply visit the PikeRide website for more information.

Get Started: Download the PikeRide mobile app from the App Store or Google Play to set up your account and add your credit/debit card information. Your first 15-minute ride is FREE! Please note a $10 hold will be placed on your card until the bike is properly locked and the ride session has ended.

Pay As You Go: $1 to unlock, + $0.15 per minute
24-Hour Pass: $20

Use the code on this coupon to get 50% off a 24-hour pass! The discount code is


PikeRide bikes give you just enough assistance for a fun ride.


Group rides are a great way to start your day!

How to ride:

  1. Open the PikeRide App and press the Scan button
  2. Scan the QR code located on the front and back of the bike to unlock your e-bike
  3. Ride safely and follow all traffic laws - we recommend wearing a helmet
  4. You may park your bike anywhere in the coverage area (see map on the app) - you do not need to park at a PikeRide station/bike rack. You do need to lock the bike to a safe object or rack when it's not in use. Just be sure to not block vehicle or pedestrian traffic and make sure the bike is accessible to the public. Fees will be incurred if the bike is not parked properly or is parked outside of the designated area.
  5. Use the orange cable to secure the vehicle to a rack, post or another stationary object. Push the lever down to lock and submit a photo (using the app) to end the trip. You will receive a confirmation text and email. Stay with your bike until you receive confirmation that it has been properly locked.

Click the link for more information about PikeRide.

Happy cycling!  

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021
Clear throughout the day.
High 59°
Low 31°
Chance of Rain 0%
Wind at 8 MPH
Friday, Oct 29, 2021
Clear throughout the day.
High 67°
Low 34°
Chance of Rain 0%
Wind SW at 7 MPH
Saturday, Oct 30, 2021
Clear throughout the day.
High 70°
Low 39°
Chance of Rain 0%
Wind NW at 7 MPH
Sunday, Oct 31, 2021
Overcast throughout the day.
High 45°
Low 32°
Chance of Rain 15%
Wind S at 9 MPH
Monday, Nov 01, 2021
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
High 48°
Low 26°
Chance of Rain 34%
Wind E at 6 MPH
Tuesday, Nov 02, 2021
Overcast throughout the day.
High 47°
Low 25°
Chance of Rain 17%
Wind S at 5 MPH
Wednesday, Nov 03, 2021
Clear throughout the day.
High 55°
Low 33°
Chance of Rain 9%
Wind SW at 4 MPH
Thursday, Nov 04, 2021
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
High 59°
Low 27°
Chance of Rain 0%
Wind W at 4 MPH