Device and Tech-Free Itinerary - Visit Colorado Springs



Relax and recharge in wide open spaces while getting a much-needed break from our tech-driven lives. We’re constantly inundated with selfie snaps of that girl you knew in college, baby pics from your co-worker and news alerts notifying you of the most recent and impending doom. Truly getting away is tough when your pocket is constantly buzzing with notifications. Put that device on airplane mode and enjoy some "face time" with the ones you love on an adventure in the Rocky Mountain air.

We've compiled a list of our favorite ways to unplug and recharge in the Pikes Peak region.


1) Hit the Trail

From mountain vistas to rare rock formations, the Pikes Peak region is chock-full of trails that will surround you with scenic beauty. Visit the Paint Mines Interpretive Park, 750 gently rolling acres to the east of Colorado Springs with evidence of human life from 9,000 years ago. Lose yourself as you wind your way through the unique spires and hoodoos. Garden of the Gods Park is full of winding trails and overlooks that open to breathtaking surroundings. Whether you explore by foot, horseback, Segway, bike or jeep tour, there are a number of different ways to enjoy the towering red rock formations.The lush, tree-covered Seven Bridges trail winds you through a dense pine forest and over seven bridges that cross babbling springs. The trail is moderate, as it continuously gains in elevation during the hike.


2) Set Up Camp

Drive out of cell service range and into the mountain range for a night under the stars. Even city slickers feel the urge to take some time away from the hustle and bustle in favor of a quiet night in the Rocky Mountains. Gear up and head toward the glowing light of a campfire in the Pikes Peak region. Whether you choose to stay close to the city for an opportunity to hit the town or trek deep into the wilderness for some time with nature, our campsites and RV parks have just the right fit.


3) Test the Waters

Complete your detox with some time on the water. Whether you're looking for a pulse-pounding adrenaline rush with a Whitewater Rafting trip or casting a line in the gold medal waters of the Arkansas River, there are plenty of ways to let the waters of the Pikes Peak region restore your mind, body and spirit.

If you’re looking for gentler tides, kayak across one of our scenic reservoirs surrounded by peaks or find your zen with a SUP yoga class in Memorial Park. No matter which way you decide to test the waters, you’ll want to leave your mobile device in your car and away from the H2O.


4) Get your Heart Pumpin'

Colorado Springs is home to an unlimited number of ways to get your adrenaline fix. Whether you’re zipping across the canyon at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park or scaling the formations at Garden of the Gods Park on a guided rock climbing excursion from Front Range Climbing, you’ll want to keep your tech someplace safe.

Take some time to disconnect as you strap into the stomach-lurching ride known as the TERROR-dactyl at Cave of the Winds Mountain Park. All personal items are kept in a locker while you are strapped into a chair that sits on the edge of the canyon. Before you can fully take in the view, the chair releases and you arc through the canyon at 100 mph. The fun is filmed with two cameras to capture both the canyon and your expressions of surprise, terror and laughter. Check out the videos once you’re back on solid ground.


5) Relax and Recharge 

Whether you tackled a strenuous hike or just had a little too much time sightseeing with the kids, everyone could use little indulgence. Get a deep tissue massage in a room dripping in gold at MX Spa, find your Zen with a mineral soak at SunWater Spa and relax in a traditional high heat salt room sauna or an herbal steam room at Garden of the Gods Resort & Club

No matter how you like to treat yourself, Colorado Springs has the perfect pampering session for every individual need. Whether you prefer a soothing soak, guided meditation or a deep tissue rub-down, sit back, relax and be revitalized by the finest spas this side of the Rocky Mountains.


Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all great ways to capture and share the unique experiences you’ll have in the Pikes Peak region. But remember that the most important “face time” is with family and friends as you explore this amazing destination.

4 Tech Rules to Help You Unplug on Vacation

  1. Ask co-workers and friends to cover for you while you’re away
  2. Plan activities where everyone agrees to unplug except for snapping photos
  3. Hike, bike or drive up into the mountains where cell service can be spotty
  4. Schedule time at the end of the day to share your experiences on social media


Disconnect to Reconnect with these other Tech-Free Activities: