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Top Tips to Elevate Your Match

We’ve got the ultimate playbook for planning your high-altitude event in Colorado Springs- Olympic City USA.

Sports planners searching for premier facilities to host world-class events can end their pursuit by selecting beautiful Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region. Olympic City USA is home to approximately 60 national and international sports organizations including 24 Olympic NGBs, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee and Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center. 

At 6,035-feet above sea level, the area boasts mild temperatures and 300+ days of sunshine a year. An array of activities and flexible venues mean plenty to do before and after the whistle blows. Set your game plan with these top event tips:

1. ARRIVE EARLY - Coming a few days before getting on the field allows some time to acclimate and understand your physical limits at a higher altitude.

2. STAY HYDRATED - Drinking water is even more important at higher elevations. Make sure to have lots of H2O available for everyone during practice, downtime and competition. 

3. DRESS IN LAYERS - High altitude destinations offer great year-round weather, but temps can change quickly. Having layers to accommodate varying conditions means you’re ready for anything! 

4. PEAK THEIR INTEREST - The Pikes Peak region showcases some of the most beautiful natural venues to host a match. Promote the view to increase interest and attendance for your event

5. RAISE YOUR REDS - Training at a higher altitude than you’re used to stimulates the production of red blood cells, which can result in a performance boost.

6. INVEST IN SPF - When the air is rare, it’s easier to burn. Make sure to slather on that sunscreen. SPF 40+ should do the trick.

7. MOISTURIZE - Arid climates can often mean dry, cracked hands, skin and lips. Pack that travel lip balm and lotion. You’ll be glad you did.

8. FIND YOUR EDGE - Balls fly farther at higher altitudes. Whether a field goal, homer or club swing, it may provide a little extra edge. Be prepared for a few personal records!

Cheryl McCullough, CSEE

Senior Director of Sports & Events

Cheryl joined VCOS in 1997. Cheryl's degree in sales & marketing, CVB experience and native roots in Colorado Springs provide her with a great background to assist sports event-rights holders, tournament directors and event organizers with their planning needs. She enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, bird watching, gardening and traveling.

Go for the Gold

Colorado Springs is OLYMPIC CITY USA, where a timeless culture of achievement, national pride and dedication sites comfortably alongside awe-inspiring beauty and unparalleled natural training grounds. We are home to the United States Olympic Committee Headquarters, 20+ National Olympic Governing Bodies, more than 50 National Sport Organizations, the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center and the Future U.S. Olympic Museum.

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