Top Distilleries in Colorado Springs

Colorado has always been the cream of the crop when it comes to barley and hops. Local lovers of spirits and liqueurs are breaking the mold with small-batch, hand-created spirits at new distilleries around the region.

Whether a pre-dinner warmup or pre-game night on the town, these tasting rooms are sure to delight.

Cockpit Craft Distillery

Cockpit Craft Distillery uses specialty grains and ingredients to create a variety of spirits, ranging from whiskey to moonshine. Belly up to the airplane wing turned bartop and sip your cocktail while supporting this vet-owned business. 


3 Hundred Days of Shine

3 Hundred Days of Shine offers true moonshine straight from the source. Located just a few steps from the popular New Santa Fe regional trail (click for trail closure information), it’s easy to walk in and take a tour. The name is a popular play on Colorado’s famous 300+ days of annual sunshine.

Axe and The Oak

Now open in Ivywild School, Axe and the Oak whiskey is handcrafted and distilled by four friends using raw materials sourced from a family farm. This small batch whiskey represents a bridge between the storied history of the spirit and the promise of new horizons. The unique blend of corn, malted rye, and barley is filtered through pure Rocky Mountain water, creating a bold new direction in flavor.


Blue Fish Distillery

A grain-to-glass process is used to finish the variety of spirits showcased at Blue Fish Distillery. Whether it’s vodka, rum, moonshine or an agave spirit, this nano-distillery offers it all through raw ingredients, and an onsite process. 

Colorado Gold Distillery

A true vodka originator, Colorado Gold Distillery recently launched the Colorado High Hemp Vodka. The first and only hemp-distilled vodka in the US promises a smooth flavor that stands out from the pack with a luxurious mouthfeel delivered from the natural oiliness of the hemp - no need to brace yourself for the typical vodka bite. Swing by for a taste of Colorado High Vodka, Bourbon or Rye Whiskey.