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Film Permits

We'll connect you with the organizations that issue film permits.

Need a permit for a park, Pikes Peak, Pike National Forest or a city or county street?  The Colorado Springs Film Commission staff is here to help you obtain the necessary permits for your film project (or to help you figure out if you don't need a permit). It's never too early to start, so please contact us as soon as you can.

Here are the requirements for the most frequently needed permits::

1. City Parks

To film at a city park, including Garden of the Gods, America the Beautiful Park, Memorial Park as well as many other City parks, you will need to fill out a Commercial Film Permit Application and pay the fees below to the City parks department. Road closures require an additional fee. You must also obtain and submit a $1,000,000 certificate of insurance that names the City of Colorado Springs and its employees as additional insured. Please note that filming in Garden of the Gods Park is now $500 per day and the hours that you may film are restricted. Drone filming is also restricted to certain hours and additional documentation is required. Please see the links below for all details and policies. 

Contact: Carly Kobasiar
Phone: 719.385.6519
Application Fee: $25
Permit Fee:

  • $500/day for Garden of the Gods Park (The only exception for this permit is for photos or video projects where the final product is for a customer's personal use (this includes weddings, engagement photos, graduation photos, etc.) Click here for more information.
  • $250/day for all other city parks, trails and open spaces 

Deadline: 14 days in advance of the shoot date

2019 commercial film permit application

Commercial film policy - city of colorado springs

Drone policy - colorado springs parks, trails and open spaces


2. Pikes Peak

Contact the Pikes Peak - America's Mountain directly for permit information to film anywhere on Pikes Peak. A 6-month lead time is ideal, but shorter time frames may be accommodated. Not all requests can be accommodated due to staffing, weather and events. The cost to film on the highway begins at $2,000 per day. There is no single permit application to fill out. Contact Sandy by phone or email and explain where on Pikes Peak you wish to film and provide as much information as you can about the nature and duration of the shoot. She will then determine what jurisdictions need to be involved, calculate the fees and help you through the permitting process. Insurance requirements are similar to those for filming in a City park (see #1 above).

Contact: Sandy Elliott
Phone: 719.385.7705
Application Fee: $25
Permit Fee: Varies depending on duration and nature of the shoot

3. City Streets, Alleyways, Hooding Meters

If your film project requires road closures or other public accommodations, submit an event permit application to Carly Kobasiar. In addition to the application, you will also need to provide a detailed traffic plan, map and certificate of insurance (see #1 above). If you are filming on a city street or sidewalk, and not impeding vehicle or foot traffic, a permit is not required. However, we recommend you alert the City parks department about your shoot and they can notify the police department. This will reduce the chance of your project being interrupted.

Contact: Carly Kobasiar
Phone: 719.385.6519
Application Fee: $25
Permit Fee: Varies depending on duration and nature of the shoot

Colorado Springs Citywide Film Permit Application

5. Private Property

Filming on private property, such as a hotel, retailer, restaurant or home does not require a City or County permit. You will work directly with the property owner/manager for permission. Each owner/manager has the right to charge a daily fee for usage.

6. Manitou Incline & Red Rock Open Space

Filming on the Manitou Incline and in Red Rock Open Space is currently not permitted.