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Sunday, Mar 26
High: 41°   Low: 16°
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Monday, Mar 27
High: 37°   Low: 21°
Foggy in the morning.
Tuesday, Mar 28
High: 50°   Low: 15°
Clear throughout the day.
Wednesday, Mar 29
High: 59°   Low: 31°
Clear throughout the day.
Thursday, Mar 30
High: 65°   Low: 38°
Windy until evening.
Friday, Mar 31
High: 43°   Low: 30°
Windy in the afternoon and evening.
Saturday, Apr 01
High: 62°   Low: 26°
Clear throughout the day.
Sunday, Apr 02
High: 69°   Low: 34°
Partly cloudy throughout the day.