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Tourism Pays

Tourism Pays for Colorado Springs & the Pikes Peak Region

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2016 National Travel & Tourism Week Rally in Colorado Springs 

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 The Importance of Tourism

  • These visitors spend a total of $1.97 billion in our region, resulting in over $70 million in local tax receipts annually
  • Travel & tourism generates over $62 per second into the regional economy
  • Tax revenue from tourism saves each family of four an averages $633 in taxes per year
  • Every dollar the CVB spends returns $30 to the regional economy
  • Tourism is the 3rd largest employer in the Pikes Peak region, providing more than 17,000 jobs to residents generating $295 million in earnings


Cutting Tourism Promotional Spending is Risky

  • When tourism promotional spending is cut, there is a loss of direct spending as well as a loss of jobs, reduced wages and reduced tax collections
  • The impact of cutting tourism spending can be seen by studying the Colorado experience of 1993-1997, when the tourism promotion budget was reduced to zero
  • The critical question is "how many lost visitors does it take to negate the savings of a reduced or eliminated promotional budget?"
  • According to the Colorado study, the answer is less than 1%. It takes only a 1% reduction in visitation to completely negate the savings of reduced promotional spending
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