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G44 Gallery Virtual Exhibits

Join G44 Gallery for a virtual tours of their March and April shows.

G44 Gallery's April Show was a virtual tour of Betty Ross’ exhibit “Daphnis and Chloe In My Studio.”

Betty Ross' Artist Statement:

"The series are based on a gouache of a Daphnis and Chloe backdrop by an obscure Russian painter from the 1930’s that I saved from my mother’s paintings for many years, not knowing whether I would keep it or not.. It lived in my studio storage and one day it came to life and tantalized me; I couldn’t discover who the painter was, but felt it was a pastoral scene for the ballet, music by Debussy, and began to appreciate its delicacy and charm.

I was able to copy the image because it was unframed and decided to tear it up at first randomly and apply it to works on paper I had already been exploring, quite abstract and gestural, to enliven them. Sheep, rocky landscape, trees, a huddle of Muses, and the God Pan took their places. Then I read the famous pastoral novel by Longus, from the second century BC, about two star-crossed lovers who finally are united, with the help of Pan and the Muses, and I wanted to give the story a more pictorial layer.

So I relied on my photographs of Palmer Park, my personal pastoral place, and later, from mythical Messenia, Greece. which I had recently visited. And elements of the story informed my paintings more closely, until the final celebration in the olive grove from Greece. The process involved my own discoveries and need for a layered imagining, as well as my enjoyment of the playful and fantastic story of Daphnis and Chloe, orphan shepherds of noble birth. I think collage is my favorite medium."

G44 Gallery's May show features the work of Lisa Fabiano.

Lisa Fabiano's Artist Statement:

"Thinking about creative freedom...

To freely create as a painter, I cultivate an imaginative intuitive practice that relies on experience, yet allows for experimentation, exploration, and a range of expressive styles. Although I work outside the boundaries of linear perspective and objective rendering, I prefer using traditional materials - oil on canvas and panel.

Through painting, I utilize color, texture, and movement to give form to memories, visual impressions, and other perceptual experiences. I tend to share what I consider positive material and content because that is what motivates and sustains me. I do whatever I can to foster the energy, atmosphere, and mindset conducive to creating that type of work.

This is my peaceable way of honoring and illustrating freedom of thought and freedom of expression, with the idea of expanding consciousness."

Watch Lisa Fabiano's Artist talk here.

View the virtual exhibits by clicking here.

Next Upcoming Date: Saturday, October 23 2021
  • Location: Online/Virtual Space
  • Time: 12:00 AM to 11:55 PM
  • Phone: (720) 951-0573
  • Admission: Free
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