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Bruce Munro: ‘Thank You for a Very Enjoyable Game’

As a child, the book "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Arthur C Clarke ignited Munro’s imagination about all things ‘space’ but it was Stanley Kubrick’s film interpretation of the novel that presented him with a new perspective on the world.

The subtlety of Kubrick’s interpretation of a man-made machine surpassing the intelligence of its human makers was a concept Munro found both chilling and humorous.

"Thank You for a Very Enjoyable Game" is as much about Kubrick’s genius as a filmmaker as it is a stark warning to a world where artificial intelligence and the human condition grow ever closer. This is a subject so pertinent today in a world driven by technology. The work is also a reflection on Munro’s continued interest in language and literature where written and visual experiences are translated and re-interpreted by him through his work.

Munro’s work creates a visual abstraction of the chess game between the spaceship supercomputer HAL 9000 and the astronaut Dr. Frank Poole. 30 chess boards, inlaid with colored Formica, are positioned in a linear formation tracking the moves made in the chess game. A subtle audio soundtrack of chimes (suggesting a ‘chess clock’ timer) indicate a move has been made by a player. Each square has a designated audio note that is derived from Tingsha, the cymbals used in prayer and rituals by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. The chime was specifically chosen to emphasize the contemplative nature of the game of chess.

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  • Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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