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Hacienda Colorado

It's no surprise that a restaurant as unique as Hacienda Colorado has a cuisine unlike any other. We invented a new term for it - "Mountain Mex." We've taken traditional recipes and updated them with a distinct Rocky Mountain twist. 40 different tequila choices too.Hacienda Colorado is the home of "Mountain Mex". We serve traditional recipes which we've updated with a distinct Rocky Mountain twist. We offer great variety and choices from our Burritos and Hacienda-Style Tacos to our Handcrafted Hacienda Tamales and Hacienda Specialties. With your choice of 12 sauces to flavor your meal, and vegetarian and gluten-sensitive options for dining, we have something that everyone will enjoy. When you come to Hacienda Colorado, feel free to dress up or dress down. Make a quick lunch or a leisurely occasion out of it. In any case, you'll enjoy our unique food and drink, including 40 tequilas, served with a friendly sophistication. You can relax by a fire on the patio, take a table inside, or sit at the bar. Anywhere you choose, you'll enjoy the full food and drink menus.

  • Phone: 719-418-7999
  • 5246 N Nevada Ave
  • Colorado Springs, CO  80918
5246 N Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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