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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Welcomes Their First Red River Hoglets

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - America's only mountain zoo, has welcomed their first-ever red river hoglets. According to a recent press release, they are healthy, growing, and spending their days learning how to root and wallow, as every good hog should know how to do. The hoglets were born the morning of March 23. The two babies, one boy and one girl, can now be seen on exhibit in the African Rift Valley on sunny days when the temperature reaches at least 50 to 60 degrees. Each hoglet weights a little over two pounds. They are already devouring fresh vegetables, along with their mother’s milk. Mom Ari and dad Huey are first-time parents. Like any new mom, Ari was quite protective at first. Huey was introduced to his new family gradually, but is enjoying every moment of fatherhood. In the wild, dad helps raise the hoglets, and Huey is taking to the job like a pig in mud.

In keeping with zoo tradition, the hoglets won’t be named for 30 days. The waiting period also gives keepers the chance to get to know the hoglets a little better. Red river hogs are native to the forests of Africa. Photos can be viewed here.