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Step-On Guides & Receptive Tour Operators in Colorado Springs

Allow one of our tour operators Colorado Springs CO to unlock the amazing history and heritage and breathtaking scenic beauty of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region.  These knowledgable guides will provide a fresh perspective on ancient rocks, fascinating insights into the founding of Colorado Springs and tailored tours based on your group's interests.

If you are looking for a local receptive operator for your tour group, please call Floy Kennedy at 800.888.4748, Ext. 135

Step-On Tour Guides

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    For the most exciting venues in Colorado Springs and throughout the Pikes Peak Region, your bridge to adventure and information source is Bernie's Colorado Journeys.
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    Experience the BEST of Colorado with your Personal Tour Guide. Providing step-on guides, transportation for groups, city tours, museums. Work with any groups, skiers, hikers, military, foreigners. Speak English, French, Russian, Korean, German.
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    From sightseeing tours and overnight packages to adventure trips and unique behind the scenes experiences - we offer complete destination experiences. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.
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    Rocky Mountain Guides Association was formed for the purpose of promoting the highest degree of competence and professionalism among persons who act as tour guides, tour managers and tour directors, and to provide ethical and professional standards for our members.

Tour Operators/Local Receptives