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Green Policies

City and Community Initiatives 

  • We have an active biking and trails community to encourage this mode of transportation.
  • Colorado Springs Utilities offers extensive education and incentives for people to reduce energy consumption.
  • Colorado has joined California as one of the first states to join an Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers' initiative to reduce fuel use and cut carbon emissions.
  • We have a xeriscape center that shows you how to have beautiful landscaping that doesn't require too much watering.
  • We invite our marketing and community partners to let us know how their organizations are going green!

For more information about green initatives and sustainablility in the Pikes Peak region, please visit these websites:

City of Colorado Springs Sustainability Green Cities Coalition of the Pikes Peak Region

Pikes Peak Sustainable Business Network El Paso County Environmental Division

CVB Initiatives

The Colorado Springs CVB is dedicated to protecting the environment, preserving our natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint. Below are some of the steps we’ve taken to accomplish our “green” objectives:

Our publications are printed on 10% post consumer paper and we always look for opportunities to do more of our printing on environmentally friendly paper or to switch to electronic communications.

Office Recycling
We recycle paper, cardboard, cans & plastic bottles.

We share rides whenever possible as we attend events throughout the region and the state.

We’re turning off lights, computers and heaters when heading home for the evening.