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Colorado Springs Branding Toolkit

Colorado Springs Brand Logo

On this page, you will find files and resources to allow you to use the Colorado Springs brand within your own marketing and promotional efforts as long as the Brand Usage Guidelines are strictly followed.

Brand Usage Guidelines

The Brand Usage Guidelines must be adhered to by any organization that wishes to use the brand mark to promote their organization and/or the Colorado Springs region. These are protected marks that can not be altered by the user. If your proposed usage is not covered within these guidelines, please contact someone on the CVB Marketing Staff to discuss your plans before proceeding with design or production. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Logo Files

All file formats can be found on the BRAND FTP SITE. When you view the jpg color files on the FTP site, you may see the blue tones as a neon turquoise. But once downloaded and used in context, the true colors will appear. If you have any issues downloading the files you need, please refer to the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Brand Fonts

The main fonts used in the brand marks are Pragmatica Slabserif and Verlag. Each organization must purchase these fonts if they wish to use them in their communication and marketing materials. Here are links to purchase these fonts (though there are additional sites where these fonts may be purchased). The CVB does not endorse one font vendor over another. Links have been provided for convenience only.



Other Links

Sample Ad Mock-Ups Using New Logo

Logo Redesign Background and Process

Curator Team Background and Process

Logo Redesign Process FAQ

Questions & Requests

If you have any questions or requests, please contact one of us in the CVB Marketing Department:

Amy Long
Chief Innovation Officer

Chelsy Offutt
Director of Communications

Melissa Williams
Marketing Manager

Denise Noble
Marketing Coordinator

To email the CVB staff, please go to our Contact Form and select one of the above names from the menu.